This Agreement outlines the Tropical Petography Session Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) to identify the expectations and requirements for both Tropical Petography and the Client.

This agreement is between Tropical Petography, Gee Emm (“Photographer”) of Mackay and the Client (“Client”).


1. Payment of the session retainer / date holding fee or registration of a prize voucher signifies the Client’s acceptance and understanding of the T&C’s set out in this agreement.

2 Client understands and agrees that Client will have full control, responsibility and liability for the safety and behaviour of themselves, their dog(s), pet(s), children and any other people or animals being photographed or attending the session.

3 For safety reasons, all dogs must be securely on lead or harness before exiting the vehicle at the Location or on the Photographer’s property.

4 Date and Time of Sessions will not be confirmed until the online booking process has been completed and any payments have been received. Session times may be booked by another party until your booking confirmation email is sent.


4. The session date may be re-scheduled without penalty due to inclement weather or emergency.

5. The session retainer or date holding fee is non-refundable if Client fails to attend or cancels the session with less than 48 hours notice without re-scheduling.


6. Photographer retains Copyright and all legal rights to all images created.

7. Standard editing includes basic colour, exposure and horizon corrections and a little artistic flare.

8. Extensive retouching and photoshop work are only available on images purchased as printed art.

9. Purchased images including digital files may not be changed, altered or edited in any way by anyone other than the Photographer.


10. The Photographer will endeavour to have final photographs ready for viewing by the Client within three weeks of the session date unless alternative arrangements are made.

11. Artwork and printed products will be available for collection 6-8 weeks after final payment is received. Shipping and Delivery times are estimates out of the Photographers control and may be adversely affected by holidays and unforeseen events.


12. If Client is not satisfied with images from the session, provided that all participants arrived at the appointed time and place and were co-operative during the session, another session will be scheduled, or a refund provided at the Photographers discretion - note: Prize photo sessions and any photo sessions that are free of charge will not be refunded or re-scheduled.

13. Photographer is not responsible for the quality of prints created from digital files that have not been printed directly through Tropical Petography.

14. Photographer takes utmost care in respect to storage and processing of images but cannot and does not guarantee that images from the session will not be lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons within or beyond her control. The extent of Photographers liability in the event of loss or damage of images that occurs between the session date and ordering appointment is to provide another session. The Photographer is not liable or responsible for archiving and storage of any images not purchased by the Client.

15. In the event of defect or other manufacturing fault Replacement Guarantees are offered on all products printed by the Photographer. Canvas prints have a 75-year unconditional guarantee that includes accidental damage.


16. By accepting these terms you understand and agree to the Photographer’s use of images of the people including minors, pets and private property created during your session by Photographer for online website, competition, printed marketing and promotional purposes for Tropical Petography.

17. When participating in Book / Calendar / Exhibition projects, the client understands and agrees to the Photographer’s use of images of the people including minors, pets and private property created during the phot session by Photographer including publishing images in the book / calendar / Exhibition project as well as online website, competition, printed marketing and other promotional purposes for Tropical Petography.