Why be a Pet Photographer?

I’ve been putting a lot of thought lately into why I do what I do. The fact that I love animals and I love to create beautiful images can go without saying. I mean if I didn’t there’s no way I’d still be here. Loving what I do isn’t paying the bills and I need to figure out what it’s going to take to change that.

To understand more, I took a look at where these passions started.

During my school years I was lucky enough to live in a small village in the Lake District, surrounded by wildlife and beautiful landscapes. My favourite thing to do was to go on long walks through fields and forests with my Dog, I’d take in the scenery and watch the wildlife and farm animals going about their business. So that’s how I grew to appreciate the beauty in nature and to observe the personalities of various animals, birds and Dogs.

The obvious next step was to begin capturing these moments, and that was going to require a camera.

That brings me to the next obvious influence on my story………………….My Dad.

My Dad had been a pilot and aerial photographer in the RAF when I was born in the highlands of Scotland, but during my school years he had left the Forces and opened his own Photography studio in a nearby town. His bread and butter came from Wedding photography, but he was also known for his amazing Pet portraits. So, yes my Dad bought me my first camera and taught me some of the basics. We also had a Dark room at home where I learned how to develop film and process my own prints.

Photography became a way to capture my moments, on walks, and later on, my travels. What I never considered at that time was using my Photography as a way to generate income, to pay the bills.

My career path was in Hospitality. I trained as a Chef , worked for a while in Lake District restaurants, Cafe’s and Hotels before packing my bags and heading off to Australia.

It wasn’t until I had started my own family and was looking for a way to earn a living and still be there for my kids, that I decided to re-visit (and modernise to the digital world) my Photography skills.

So that’s the story of how I became a pet photographer, but WHY after all these years, am I still here trying to re-establish my Pet Photography business in a new town, going through the process of getting my work seen, and trying to find my people, the ones who appreciate my work and are willing to pay me for my experience and time?

This part of my story involves travel again, but a little more recent. A trip back to the UK in 2012.

My first visit back to the UK after moving to Australia more than 10 years earlier. It was a whirlwind of visits to people and places that I hadn’t seen in such a long time.

One of those visits was to the restaurant where I had first trained as a chef, it was a busy lunchtime but the Owner and head chef who I had trained under 18 years earlier made a point of coming out to see me and my family. Before I left he told me that there was something I should see. It was a portrait of his beloved dog, the same dog that I had taken for walks during my afternoon breaks when I had lived and worked there. He told me how happy it made him that she was still there watching over the restaurant all these years later.

Who took that photograph and created the beautiful artwork? …..my Dad!

This was 15 years after my Dad had passed away and he was still making a positive impact on people’s lives. …….. and there were more stories like this along the way, of pet portraits created by my Dad that are still lifting people’s hearts so many years after my Dad left this world behind.


Thats Why I keep sharing my artwork on social media hoping that the right people see it and get in touch.

That’s Why I keep pushing myself with photography challenges and education to improve my skills.

That’s Why I’m here writing this blog and not sat in a cubicle somewhere earning a steady 9-5 wage.

I don’t just want to take pretty photos of your pets that you can share on social media and then forget about, I want to create beautiful windows into your past that you will still be looking at 20 years from now and remembering how much love you shared with your gorgeous pet.

Maybe by sharing this insight into my WHY it will inspire more of my people to contact me, to invest their money now in a window back to this time, right now with their beloved pet.

If you think you might be one of my people and would like to talk about getting your very own window back to this time click the button below and get in touch now.