Should I take my new Puppy to Puppy school?

As a Pet Photographer I work with Puppies all the time and I have seen first hand the difference that puppy training can make.

A puppy that knows one of the basic lessons - how to wait for a reward - is so much easier to photograph than one who has no self control and just does exactly what he feels like doing.

Of course, the reason for training at puppy school isn’t to make my job easier, but to help prevent your puppy from hurting himself, wether that be to stop him from dashing out onto a busy road, or to stop him chasing a poisonous snake, there are so many situations where puppy training can really make a difference.

The best news is, your puppy is born with a desire to make his caregiver happy, you just need to show him that you care, and learn how to let him know what he can do to make you happy.

If you’re looking for a Puppy school near you, ask for recommendations at your local petstore. In Australia, Petbarn run puppy classes in most areas.