June’s breed of the month will be French Bulldogs. If your Pup is a French Bulldog, they are eligible to enter the June Breed of the month competition. All eligible entrants will qualify for a 10% discount on their photo session in June. One lucky winner will receive a 50% discount on their session and a bandana and matching scrunchie from Woof ‘n Me.

Enter Breed of the Month

At Tropical Petography we love celebrating the diversity of mans best friend. That’s why we’ve decided to Celebrate a different dog breed every month.

What does this mean?

All dogs of the chosen breed (eg. August was Boxer Month) who are photographed during that month will receive a 10% discount on their package.

One lucky Owner will receive a 50% Discount on a Pop up studio session - to be Photographed during that month.

Winner will be chosen randomly.

Entries close End of May 23.

Winner will be announced at the beginning of June 2023

How to Enter:

1: Fill in the entry form below.

2: Email a photo of your pet/s to hello@tropicalpetography.com.au

3: Follow Tropical Petrography on Facebook and/or Instagram so you don’t miss the Winners announcement.

4: Make sure that you are available for a photo session during the month of June 2023 in the Mackay area.

How to Book your Discounted Pop up Studio Session.

You need to complete the Entry form below.

Everyone who enters and has the correct breed of Dog (Including mixed breeds) will be offered a 10% Discount - to be photographed during the month of June 2023 in the Mackay area.

Please visit and read the “How it works” page on the Tropical Petography website before submitting this form.